Putting The Final Touch


Since it’s only the second post of my recovered blog, I feel like I’m new at it. The color blue seems so new and fresh. No wonder it’s my favorite color. Speaking of blue – the sky in my country dyed itself light blue! Well, more like cyan, but you know. It’s kinda weird, cause a week ago it was raining daily and nonstop. It was horrible. But the day before yesterday (I think) sun finally came out and it’s sunny all day everyday. It’s 30 º C. But the weirdest part is – six months ago in the end of a post called Changes and Chances I wished for exactly 30 degrees and it’s happening. I gotta thank Angie Mc who sent some Arizona heat to me! 🙂

So today I will not do anything specific, but I will tell you what can you expect from this blog next few weeks. It’s just a simple list.

  1. Lookbooks
  2. Reviews
  3. Stories
  4. Feeling explosions

If you’re interested in any of these – read below.

  1. Lookbooks – I think everybody knows what’s that. Just a few outfits matching the current season. Beauty gurus do a lot of those on Youtube. I’d give you lookbooks in photo format. 😉
  2. Reviews – If I watch an interesting movie, read a good book or just listened to a new album, I share my opinion about it on this blog. It’s pretty simple.
  3. Stories – It can be my real story or a fictional story by me. For example, I go on a journey by foot and I found an abandoned shack, then I write about it. Or I make up an interesting story just like that and share it.
  4. Feeling explosions – As a teenager I can be very different. I might have these explosions and express my feelings too much. It can be either positive or negative. But I’ll try to avoid these feeling explosions.

If I come up with some DIY ideas, recipes, effective exercises or even more, you can expect a lot more than these 4 points above.

One last thing, For how much I’ve learned of being a blogger, punctuality and stability are really important. So from now on I will update every week on Mondays (to make each Monday a little better, cause everybody hates Mondays) and Saturdays (on weekends everybody is less busy than on weekdays). So, see you on Saturday!

Stay gold. (Gotta thank Lidya Chu, my fellow blogger, for this unique phrase and sorry for borrowing it. Love you and your blog.)



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