The Wall Review

The book that I’m currently reading is called The Wall (German: Die Wand) by Marlen  Housfofer. It’s a really good book. But the truth is I don’t what to read it to the end, cause I kinda know what will happen. The book is really sad as well.

So the main character is a 40 year old woman, whose name wasn’t revealed. She comes for a weekend to the mountains and another morning… she woke up isolated from the world by a huge invisible and indestructible wall. She was left alone with a dog, a cow and a cat. There was no people she could talk to, everyone at the other side of the wall looked dead. The woman had to work really hard to survive. She changed her way to think and wasn’t even sure if she wanted to come back to her old life.

In my opinion, she gave up too soon. Once she found the wall, she tried to survive but didn’t even try to break the wall. I understand that it’s totally indestructible but how about digging under it? Even if it would took a week or a month, it could have been the right answer.


This is the cover of the Lithuanian version of Die Wand.
Oh and, the book was called the finest novel of the author and one of the best Austrian books written! Worth reading if you can handle a death of a cat and a murder of a dog.
I don’t really know what I love about this book, because basically all the middle is about taking care of the woman’s little farm. Although she says she’s not smart an didn’t learn anything in her life, I think the woman is quite intelligent.

About the movie – I haven’t seen it but I bet it’s similar to the book. let me know if you decided t read the book or watch the movie!

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