Today I decided to make a little bit different topic. Don’t worry, I’ll try not to do the unexpected anymore! I’ll stick on theme, and there’s a chance that the next post will be a lookbook!

So this week, on Wednesday my sister and I will go to a sleepover at our friends’ house. You see, there’s one house splat to two. On one side lives one of our four with her family. And on the other side lives our other friend with her family. And they are cousins. Is it clear or not really?…

It’s not even important. So let’s just move on…

Yesterday we all gathered to plan this sleepover. Snacks, pizza, movies, dancing. Dancing is because we’re kind of a cover group of a band, I once said it in a post called KNKS in this section. So, again – we’ll meet, go to a shop to buy all the groceries and the party begins! There’s so much on my mind, thing we could do. Late night walks, singing, listening to music, cosplaying, taking pics and just talking! Plus – we’ll try to stay up all night and I will complete the 9th thing from my Bucket List. It’s party all night but it’s kinda the same, right?

I have no idea how can it be interesting to read but thanks for still reading.

This is us. Yesterday.


Hope you’ll have a fun week!




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