Summer Lookbook #1

Hey, I’m late again. Not exactly, but in my time zone it’s almost 11 PM. But I made it, I’m not late! So the summer lookbook is finally here, and this time I will do a TOP 5 summer outfits of the Kids’ Choice Awards. Nickelodeon’s 27th KCA was held on March 29th. So 4 months passed, but I think it’s not a big deal and it’s fun! This is my opinion of whose outfits were the best. Share your list too!

5. Jayma Mays

I would wear that. But this outfit wasn’t as good as the ones below. Honestly, I like the colors and the match, but shoes aren’t pretty. And I like the pattern of the dress.



4.  Audrey Whitby

I don’t have what to say about this outfit. Is just nice. And pink.


3. Bethany Mota

This outfit is very cute! The heels are lovely, and I’m starting to love pink a lot, and the floral pattern. But there are no accessories to go with an amazing outfit.


 2. Victoria Justice

She’s an amazing actress and I love her newest hairstyle. It’s her best look. The dress is interesting and beautiful. I love everything.


 1. Olivia Holt

What do I love about this look? Black and white. Shoes don’t match, but on the orange carpet it doesn’t make my eyes bleed. I’m seeing this celebrity for the first time but she’s a cute beauty.


Okay, that’s all! Like, share, comment, follow! *hugs until you loose your breath*


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