I made a decision

Hey, loves.

This post is late like a million years so just ignore that. Because my next post might be a billion years late.
What is she talking about, you ask?
It’s a terrible news for those who ever enjoyed my blogging, and a terrible news for me.
I don’t know what to post lately, since I renewed pineapplezzz, it feels like I have to think more of what I post. Last year I wouldn’t even ask myself what to write. I’d search down google of some exciting news and post that on my blog. But now, I have to get my own ideas and write them as interesting as possible to make my readers attracted. Blogging became hard.
The main reason why it’s hard, is the theme of my blog. If somebody would ask you: what this blog is about? what kind of blog is this? And you couldn’t answer that question. You don’t know, I don’t know. Cause it’s simply about nothing.
This blog is not about traveling.
This blog is not about photography.
This blog is not about my life.
The first thing you gotta do when creating a blog is to pick a theme. I didn’t do it. And now I’m stuck here in the middle of a labirint trying to choose the right path. And the right decision. Here are the options:
a) continue blogging and post; each time a totally different topic
b) end blogging right now;
c) stop blogging and come back only when I make up my mind about my theme.
I think I have to choose C.
This will be the best for me, my blog and 82 readers I collected through almost 400 days. As much as I loved blogging, I have to stop so I wouldn’t start to hate it. When pineapplezzz changed, I started to write not because I enjoyed it, but because I needed to.
So finally, I ask myself. What can I choose to write about? Photographing – I’m not as interested in that as I used to be. All kinds of tips – all I can say is: give me some. Traveling – I don’t travel, at all. Food? Style? Music? Cookery?
No, no, no and no. My life is boring since I’m not even 15. I believe that the fun will start soon, but until then all that’ left to say is…

Take care!


6 thoughts on “I made a decision

  1. You are asking all the right questions, friend! And you have more answers than I do 🙂 What makes you a joy to read is your fresh perspective and your honesty. You also have an interesting way with words.

    Like you, I don’t have a narrow speciality but I do have a broad one, family life. Perhaps you don’t need a narrow specialty, but a broad one can work. You are one of the few teen bloggers that I follow and enjoy so maybe there is something in that…a teen’s take on life.

    I’m rooting for you! Have fun, learn, push through to the other side, and I’ll look forward to seeing you again 🙂

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