My Bucket List

This is my list of things I wanna do. I figured you might know it better this way so I called it Bucket List. But I still like the name Things To Do Before I Die better. Take it or take it. Share your list as well!

1. go to la

2. ride a train

3. swim with dolphins

4. hear my own song on the radio

5. walk the red carpet

6. meet 2ne1

7. throw a surprise party

8. live with my best friends

9. party all night

10. have a successful love

11. sing in front of million people

12. feel comfortable about my body

13. kiss in the rain

14. have a holiday in hawaii

15. own something h&m

16. have a photo under water

17. buy a car

18. have a makeup table

19. visit asia

20. be rich

21. finish school

22. buy something online

23. learn to play a song piano

24. live in a big house !! 2014.06.29

25. be famous

26. make a super sweet 16th

27. have a walk-in closet

28. visit egypt

29. go to france

30. see a shutting star

31. sleep under the moon

32. stand under the hollywood sign

33. learn to skateboard

34. have a kiss

35. meet someone famous

36. taste starbucks

37.  ride a horse on my own !! 2014.04.20

38. eat sushi

39. have a perfect valentine’s day with someone i love

40. kiss underwater

41. kiss someone i love on new year

42. go to disney world

43. visit palm springs

44. hold a monkey again

45. ride a limo

46. have fireworks at my wedding

47. have a snowball fight with someone i love

48. kiss at the top of a builing

49. walk on the great wall of china

50. hug ariana grande

51. ride an elephant

52. picture the eiffel tower

53. put a peace of gum on the gum wall in seattle

54. go to stonehenge

55. spend a night in a tree house

56. ride a helicopter

57. be called mommy

58. kiss on the beach at sunset

59. dance in the rain

60. bake at the middle of the night with someone i love

61. have a song dedicated to me

62. visit buddha statue

63. visit some dead city

64. go to vatican

65. dive in a reef

66. sing in the rain

67. go paragliding

68. go to nyc

69. touch a tiger

70. visit a hidden beach

71. have red hair !! 2014.01.05

72. have a blackjack tattoo

 73. get a tan

74. try a cigarette !! 2014.04.24

75. ride a giraffe

76. feed a zebra

77. own a 2ne1 album

78. smile again [as in ‘wear briquettes’]

79. read every harry potter book

80. learn korean

81. have a bestie

82. grow a garden

83. write a book

84. watch the whole season of 2ne1tv ! 2014.02.08

85. be hugged from my back

86. go clothing shopping with my bff and buy a lot

87. go on a date

88. get 1k on pineapplezzz

89. fly on an airplane

90. go on a cruise

91. do a backflip

92. teach my little brother english

93. taste all flavors of milka

94. shower in a waterfall

95. send a message in a bottle

96. make a puzzle (a big one)

97. say yes for a whole day to everything

98. collect a hundred something

99. attend to a prom

100. get a celebrity follow

101. be on tv

102. learn to walk on my hands

103. grow a tree

104. cry with tears of joy

105. buy something for new yorker ! 2014.04.15

106. have a water balloon fight

107. earn a compliment from my older sister !! 2014.06.12

108. have my own room

109. get fanmail

110. get driving license

That’s it. So far I completed only 7 of them, but better a few than none. And sometimes I will fulfill this list because I always find more stuff I haven’t done and really want to.

• Latest update: 2014.07.07 •

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